How do you inspect a barcode?

What is a barcode? The most delicate and difficult component of a packaging label is a barcode, but it is also the most crucial. As a result, a barcode’s scrutiny and verification are essential steps in the packaging quality control process. While many businesses outsource this task, a company may use internal technology to create packaging labels and barcodes. The popularity of the barcode is enhancing due to the rapid growth of development in high tech for packaging quality assurance. As it is one of the most integral parts of the business, it needs to be inspected regularly. For a good quality inspection, you can rely on TSC barcode inspection. If you want to know how a barcode is inspected, keep on reading.

  •  Always make sure before choosing a verifier, you must be aware of the symbol you’re evaluating, such as QR Codes or UPC. Additionally, you must be aware of the standards you must follow, which are often ISO standards. 
  • A barcode verifier is needed to test the barcode. Only the software is not enough for the testing because the mobile or pc we use every day cannot inspect those high-quality optics. So, a highly technically improved barcode verifier is needed. 
  • You must create a system for inspecting the barcode, as this will mitigate the need for a standard system for operating. This entails regularly and consistently checking your codes, as well as having a plan in place for what to do if your barcodes don’t work.
  • Next, you should inspect the barcodes even before printing in the printing press because if you detect any problem, it can be changed accordingly. And additionally, a portable barcode verifier is suggestable for this purpose. 
  • Always analyze what type of barcode you need for your business, in-line or random sampling. Random sampling barcodes are mostly used as these are checked periodically at increments that are predetermined. 


Nowadays, barcodes are very important and once you start using the barcode, you can understand the importance of the inspection of the barcode and it is a continuous process. A barcode is inspected according to the above-mentioned methods. As long as you regularly inspect your barcodes, this code will be scanned and printed properly and will not face any quality issues. A well-maintained barcode will provide you with the information needed within a second without giving you any type of headache.