Learn More About The Need For Identity Certainty In Travel In A Post-COVID World

Tourism suffered devastating effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the World Tourism Organization recorded a 74% drop in global international arrivals. As non-essential overseas travels were restricted, tourism stakeholders tried to recalibrate with promotions for a staycation and local travel.

Indeed, the pandemic transformed the face of local tourism into adventures away from crowds. It sparked the opportunity for small businesses to provide easy-to-book practical holidays close to home.  And the population’s restlessness from continued isolation fueled the trend for socially distant travel options.

These changes are expected to influence travel in the post-COVID world. The growing trend on ecotourism that focuses on conservation and the creation of local jobs will keep up well until the end of the pandemic. The trend is a potential solution for the rebuilding of local economies.

The touchless service delivery is also likely to become a post-pandemic normal. The technologies enabling these services support small businesses and improve the remote B2B and B2C interactions. The observed ease of booking local trips when acquiring travel services will pitch the remote service delivery in a favorable light post-pandemic.

Moreover, security and identity certainty concerns will continue to challenge touchless service delivery in the post-COVID period. The risks and threats to digital platforms are rising as consumers rely more on digital capabilities. Business owners need to equip their platforms to safeguard them against malicious intents.

One solution that enterprises have now is mobile biometric verification. The technology allows business owners to verify customer identities and avoid falling for schemes meant to defraud them. Identity authentication secures both the business and its customers from the vulnerabilities of passwords.

More than securing the platform, the need for identity certainty in travel touches many more important aspects. Learn more about the need for identity verification in travel in the post-COVID era with this infographic from authID.

The Need for Identity Certainty in Travel in a Post-COVID World



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