Difference Between Specialized Translation and General Translation

The term translation is not new to anybody as it is used for various purposes. People avail translation services from the experts or get their translation needs addressed by the machine translation services based on their budget and requirement. There are different types of translation services offered by the professional translation agency in order to cater to the needs of their wide cliental. While all translation services are aimed to convert the content from one language to another language. It is the best way to aid communication among two parties speaking different languages. Translation services are usually categorized as general translation and specialized translation. If you have been wondering about the difference between the two, then here is your simple guide!

General Translation Overview 

General translation is aimed to translate the text in one language to another such that it is understood easily by anybody. It is the simplest way of translation. It is aimed for non-technical translations, where no specialized terms are required. Business letters, blogs, general communications, job descriptions, and uses guides can be easily translated with this type of service. This may look very simple but it is not that simple if you want accurate translation. Sometimes you will get completely altered meaning of the matter while using the machine translation tool for general translation. It is therefore recommended that you hire translation service even for general translation. Human translator will make sure that the translation is made according to the context and hence the accuracy is quite high. 

Specialized Translation Overview

As the term suggests, specialized translation is aimed for specific industry. It is industry specific translation aimed to offer accurate translation by using the industry specific terms. Corporate translation services are offered as per the industrial needs. Some industries like technical, marketing, healthcare, and legal industries would require specific terms and jargons to be used in order to make the material appropriate for the industry. A professional translation company having a team of expert translators from various industries would be able to cater to industry specific translation needs of their clients. You can also hire the services of the company having expertise in your industry. The translation service agency having a cliental in similar industry as yours would be the best choice. 

How to decide your requirement?

Deciding your translation requirement is very easy. If you want the translation of the documents that is not understood by the general public, then go for specialized translation. If there are terms that are used only in your industry, then industry specific translation is the key. Specialized translation is costlier as compared to general translation. This is because the industry and language experts are hired to carry out this work accurately. It is aimed for corporates and hence even a single mistake would have a huge cost. The accuracy is high and so are the charges. 

If your translation needs are industry specific then never settle for general translation in order to save on cost as this will create a bigger problem later. 


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